Over the coming years, the Amsterdam neighborhoods of Nieuw-West and Zuidoost will undergo the biggest transformations of all the different areas of the city, both physically and socially. In anticipation of these upcoming changes Pakhuis de Zwijger decided to open two new locations in these areas. The first one was in the Spring of 2018 in a former café on the Burgemeester Rendorpstraat in Nieuw-West (Slotermeer) and later in the Autumn of 2019 in the Amsterdamse Poort in Zuidoost, in what used to be a toy store.

You’ll find local residents, civil servants, youth workers, project developers, entrepreneurs, and people from housing corporations and welfare organizations weaving in and out of both locations. But most often you will find young people, school-aged children and students who tell each other stories about their daily lives and discuss the future of their neighborhoods. The main themes that come up in these discussions are housing, education, social safety and healthcare. You’ll also hear them talking about talent development, entrepreneurship, social leadership and subjects like racism and discrimination, drug use and street violence.

New Metropolis Zuidoost

These two locations are also initiators of and participants in local programs such as the Women of Nieuw-West and Zuidoost programs (in collaboration with Amsterdam Museum), Nieuw Amsterdam Academy (youth and social leadership) and Keti Koti on July 1st in Zuidoost. They also take part in initiatives like Smart Mobility Hub, Park A9 in Zuidoost, Schoon Plein 40-45 and the Neighborhood Budgets in Nieuw-West. Storytelling evenings are also hosted at both locations every month.

New Metropolis Nieuw-West

The locations are led by program coordinators Dorota Dabrowska (Nieuw-West) and Angelique Hoogmoed (Zuidoost). For more information and programming check out: www.newmetropolis.amsterdam

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