We would like to invite you to a special storytelling evening where a community of storytellers from ASKV will be curating their own storytelling performances at New Metropolis Nieuw-West (Burgemeester Rendorpstraat 1). Featuring tellers of folk stories from Nigeria, Ghana, Colombia, Uganda and Zimbabwe, we share the roots of our people in a celebration of the culture that comes here to live in Amsterdam.

All the tellers in the performance have participated in the 6-week programme ‘Home is a story you carry on your back’ run for undocumented migrants by ASKV. During a difficult year, the course provided a refuge where they could express, enjoy art and remember our culture with pride.

This project creates an inclusive place of welcome that invites selected participants to develop stories from their home culture. In doing so they’re able to experience a sense of community while remembering the values they bring with them from their home culture.

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